Thursday, June 30, 2005

Home Theatre Projector!

Yeah, I'm kinda crazy, I bought a $1100 DLP (digital light processing) project (InFocus 4805) to watch movies outside! When I get my own place, it will also be the main component of my home theatre.

I figure it'll pay itself off in 60 movie viewings ($10 x 2 people x 60).

Bought a nice woofer/sattelite speaker system from Costco to go with it.

I'm getting a 100" 16:9 screen to go with it (the projectors designed for HT are all 16:9 native, probably because 99% of movies are 16:9).

Reviews say -- it basically looks like a 100" plasma TV ---- if you could buy them that big :)

Some more pics

I'll be posting some of my own pictures once I get the projector up and running (stupid payment process through Paypal just cleared, so it'll be shipping today.)

DLP is a pretty neat technology too - uses a process called Micro-electro-mechanical systems. MEMS uses similar silicon water processes as standard integrated circuits, but you can deposit different materials and make physical pbjects (beams to measure pressure/deflection, for example) . For example, a very popular application is microsensors, ie. a very accurate accelerometer w/ signal processing all on 1 little microchip, consuming very little power, used in air bags.

Anyhoo, DLP basically is an array of micro-machined mirrors that deflect light. A colour wheel is then used to split the different colours. Apparently their contrast ratio is much higher than LCD projectors, which is why they are gaining popularity.

CRT projectors are apparently still the best, though. They weight a minimum of 100 lbs and start at $20 K though, a little out of my price range and portability ;)


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