Thursday, June 02, 2005

89X Birthday Bash

Well, I had a blast!

It started off a bit slow, and by the end, it was too busy to get in the Fox Theatre to see the Killers. This is due to the fact there are 3 stages side by side simultaneously going, and by the end of the night, it was jam packed. SO I guess more people wanted to see them then the other 2 bands playing at the same time! Good thing we left early; we wouldn't have got a seat anyway and walking through downtown Detroit at night isn't my cup of tea.

During Unwritten Law and Sum 41's performance @ the outdoor stage there was a lot of body surfing and mosh pitting right near us. A couple guys came from no where behind us and landed on their heads/necks pretty good. Some of the lighter girls were launched in the air pretty darn far by the crowd! Surprised no one got hurt ;)

While Unwritten Law was on there was a group of girls not too far in front of us who were making out and flashing for the crowd! A good time all round ! :)


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