Thursday, January 05, 2006

Windsor's Image as "Sin City", and Canada's image?

Windsor has embraced the "unwholesome image". The Windsor Star and Detroit press have basically declared Windsor "SIN CITY", because we have legal escorts, cuban cigars, and nudie bars, all great for the rich corporate men attending the superbowl.

I say more power to Windsor, take the greedy men's money! :) Having those things doesn't make us Sin City. That's just the uber "Right wing" thinking, just like our more lax views on pot make us the devil or something.

As for Canada's politics, my friend John brought up the point that there is a Marijuana party in Canada now. From what I've read, they are only a "party for one issue", and aren't a really party.

Now, pot is such a minor issue compared to other more important issues facing Canada, namely our Health Care system. It's bleeding from corruption or something, I'm not sure; it seems the more money our gov't pours into it, the worse it gets. Probably too many rich CEO's and too much bullshit politics.

However, I think pot is a major issue in terms of Canada's world image and principle.

Should we legalize pot, as it should be (unless we again criminalize booze and cigs), or should we keep it illegal just to make the US happy?

I'd like to think that Canada's world image as a free country is correct --- that we just aren't puppets of Bush (ala the US government). Again, I hate to use Bush as some idol of the devil-- he may very well just be a puppet dumbass for his father, Cheney, and other brighter people, but he represents it well. That is, Bush represents entirely what is wrong with the US government. ;)

Heh. Reminds me of a discussion me and Dani had the other day. Is Bush truly that stupid, or is it a game? Same goes with the likes of Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. However, I think the answer was hidden in Paris Hilton's new book we saw at Chapter's; by glancing inside, it's apparent there is truly a void between her ears.


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