Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ridgeview 2005

I think we all had a great time this year at Ridgeview @ Rice Lake.

Some highlights..

■ Ass Heart Bag Dog..... one night we were playing Scene It!, and one of the questions came up where you put together multiple images to make a movie or actor name.
I blurted that out.. the answer was Robert DeNiro ;)

■ Jello Shots!

■ cruising around in the boat.

■the Chocolate factory. mmmm chocolate.

■The view!

■ Drinking on the patio chillaxing at night.

■ Soaking up the rays during the day (sure was nice weather, yet again.)

■ The bit of storm we had, made for some damn cool scenery, see below!

■ Just getting away!

A view of the lake @ night:


At 11:38 p.m., Blogger Zutroy said...

I spent the week imaging computers in the lab! yayyyy!

At 10:26 a.m., Blogger Medieval said...

Maybe you could convince all the departments at the University to use Windows...

oftentimes, they run some Unix or something (easier to network, I know), just to have to emulate Windows for most of the programs... eek.

At 3:20 p.m., Blogger Zutroy said...

I'm not following you... The vast majority of the computers on campus run XP.

At 11:52 p.m., Blogger Medieval said...

Well, all the comp labs in Essex Hall don't (chemistry, physics, engineering, etc).

I just assumed there were other departments/buildings that were that Unix happy too ;)

At 9:40 a.m., Blogger James said...

Heh, this picture is now the background on my monitor at school.

The only unix based computers I've used are in the CS dept.

At 4:13 p.m., Blogger Medieval said...

Let me know if you want me to email you the higher res version... that's a stripped down version to conserve space on the web ;)

At 7:17 p.m., Blogger James said...

Don't worry about it, when you get all the pics and video together just burn me a separate CD with all the pictures on it, makes it easier.

At 8:14 p.m., Blogger Zutroy said...

I never did get the photo CD from Jay.

I suppose he'll want to trade for the FUBAR dvd.

At 9:35 p.m., Blogger James said...

There was a photo CD from last year?


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