Saturday, October 08, 2005

Weezer and Fightin' Foo

Visited the Joe Louis arena last night with Dani, her sister and her sister's boyfriend.

Man, Weezer stole the show! I love it when a band sounds significantly better in concert than on precorded cd/radio. They even played a Foo Fighter song since Rivers (the lead singer) mentioned that the Foo Fighter's wouldn't be playing one of their older hits, "Big Me". Later on in their performance, during the traditional "pretend we are going to leave, and the audience cheers and demands for more" (Note: Do all musicians do this? :) ) , Rivers snuck up to the other side of the arena, and played "Island in the Sun" in acoustic. While he was making his way back, the other guitarist, Brian, mentioned they'd need someone from the audience to play the acoustic guitar until Rivers made his way back. The guy Chris from the audience was really great; he was rockin' up on stage with the band. The band even let him keep the acoustic guitar afterwards. :) I also particulary liked Rivers' comment of "Today in the hotel room, I wrote a new song. It's called Piece of the Pie. We can't play it for you, because you'll record it and put it on the internet. Then by the time the new album comes out, you'll all be sick of it!" :)

The Foo Fighters also rocked the arena. The band's visual techno stuff was also awesome; they had 3 gigantic tetris-puzzle piece shaped screens showing alternating clips of the band, road trips, and more surreal imagery. The "laser fan" array lights were also awesome; everything moved well in sync with the music. I especially liked their rendition of "Everlong" and "Monkey Wrench".

I gotta to go to more concerts ;)


At 11:37 a.m., Blogger James said...

sounds like a good show, I've heard that Rivers is very un-animated on stage, that he just stands there playing guitar and singing seemingly unaffected by the pyro going off around him

as far as the foo fighters, the trippy visuals shouldn't surprise anyone considering their videos...learn to fly is still my favourite video

At 8:36 p.m., Blogger Medieval said...

Yeah, apparently he used to be very un-animated on stage.
He was far from it this time; he was rockin' back and forth from side to side on the stage, jumping around, and ran through the crowd to sing acoustic :) Don't know where the change came from, but it's for the good I think :)

Learn to Fly was an awesome video :)

I wish I had got tickets to see NIN the night after ;)


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