Monday, September 12, 2005

Stratford Ovation Festival 2005

All round great time!

On Saturday the highlight was Our Lady Peace, the headliner, duh --- although I hadn't really heard much of there new album beforehand, what I did hear was good. And I love their older songs and those from their past few albums -- Naveed, Starseed, 4AM, Superman's Dead. The Life mix with Naveed (or was it Starseed?) was also rad.

Finger 11 was also very good in concert, and Sloan even had a little kid who knew all the words to their songs and wasn't afraid to sing on stage with them ;)

Sunday started off a little slow, the beers and sun made for a good time. Fefe Dobson, K-O's (yes I know it's pronounced chaos) and Divine Brown really aren't my type of music, although it made for good music in it's own right I guess ;)

The BNL all and made up for that. They are exceptional performers, in that they have tons of energy and comedy onstage. They sincerely make you feel like your hometown, or in this case, all of southwest Ontario, are really important :) I loved their jokes on area 519, the "when ya gotta pee" story, and we can't forget, FAG automotive.

The turnout was pretty good, and I hope there will be another Ovation Music Festival next summer. From a technical viewpoint, the music quality was great no matter where you sat/stood, and the projectors helped better view the antics of the BNL if better if you weren't that close to the stage . I'll definately bring blankets to sit down on next year, as standing for 6 hours + is a bit much.


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