Thursday, January 13, 2005

Difficulties with a small space

As my newly married friend Joe would say, it's entirely different living with someone than just dating them.

Compounding me and Dani's problem is that we live in 1 large room. So when we irritate each other, we are often stuck near each other, escalating the problem. We've lived together for 2 years now, and have been dating for 5, so it's something that will be alleviated a bit when we get our own place.

It's often hard to tell whether someone is mad at you, or frustrated with something else and you get the brunt end of it. I know that I do this all the time to people, especially Dani, even though it's wrong. Human condition I guess.

I think I need to learn more patience. More importantly, I think I need to try to calm down my "emotional unthinking". Occurs when I get really angry about something, and the brain stops working. Like, for instance, Dani will say something that pisses me off, I'll get real angry for like 2 mins, perhaps say something I shouldn't without realizing it. Then my brain "clicks" back in and I can be rational again, but by then it's too late, the gasoline has already been placed on the fire. ZUG ZUG LUCTAR, Erg!

Another problem I have is saying before I think. I often blurt out things I don't really mean, but then again, after you've said something, the damange is already done. Dani has an excellent memory, so if I say something stupid, she's going to remember. I can't hold that against her.

However, my problem is that my short term memory is about a good as a... what's a good metaphor..... well, nevertheless, it's really bad . I can't even remember what I said during the "emotional unthinking", so it makes it difficult to make a rational arguement afterwards.

Perhaps by thinking out my problems I will solve them , or atleast, that's the hope ;)

Gotta work at the important things in life.


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