Friday, December 16, 2005

Another Bushism

I was watching the Daily Show last night, and I swear to God, the host gets most of his content directly from making fun of Bush.

Bush said, "I could never imagine Osama Bin Laden enjoying Haunakah...."

Anyone else see a problem here? If I was Jewish, I'd probably be insulted. Since I'm not, I just find it extra hilarious ;)

Bush is not allowed by his staff to do any talk without a predefined script, both for him and who he is talking to. I wonder why? :)

Even when he is supposed to have "casual" talks with soldiers overseas, they are scripted. Of course, even with them being scripted, Bush puts in some Bushism's anyway.

Now, I say stupid stuff like that when I'm drunk, high, or when I'm trying to make people laugh, perhaps a combination of the above, but Bush... he seems to do it all on his own natural accord. Maybe it's part of his Master Plan? Get people to vote for me by believing I'm a bumbling idiot? Hrmm, guess it worked. I'd have voted for him over Kerry (if I had voted at all, or was a US citizen :))


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