Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Movie: Kinsey

I watched a fascinating film today, called Kinsey. It was about a biology professor who embarked on a scientific study on human sexuality, because it simply had never been done before.

Back in the 1940-1950’s, North American societies’ attitude towards sexuality was much different than it is today. Sex was not talked about and everything was kept in the closet. Religious and moral groups reigned and sanctioned only what they believed should be “normal” sexual behaviour. Modern Society has moved somewhat away from this, thank God, but the attitude is still there.

The main reason that this interested me was because I took a course in University called “Sociology of Sex”. Kinsey’s findings were used throughout. Guess he did a good job if the findings are still used today! I imagine it was very difficult for Kinsey to continue doing his research, when most of the powerful in society wanted it to stop, so that they could further their own beliefs.

I guess the moral of the story is… don’t let the “Man” get you down!

I highly recommend the movie. It covered a lot of issues, and made me wonder. I like movies like that. At the end of the movie, Kinsey is being asked survey questions that he designed. The interviewer notes that Kinsey had embellished on his whole sexual, personal, and career life, however, he never mentioned love.

Kinsey said that love cannot be measured, therefore it is not viable to study scientifically. In regards to love, we are all in the dark. Which is similar to the saying, love is blind. But that’s okay, it makes life more interesting ;)


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