Wednesday, August 17, 2005

There always has to be a "stupid" class

Almost every semester there has been a "stupid" class. Professional development, computer aided design (which did not use computers...), economics, engineering economy, natural resources, and finally...

"Engineering and Society" --> this class was basically an excuse to get all the engineers together to announce things like the Iron Ring ceremony, etc. Too bad no one ever went.

I mean, the exam was a joke, the last 2 questions on the test (which were worth marks) were:

"Did you not have enough time to write this test" T/F . Even a double negative in there, kinda.
"Write down the time you left the test" _____

Perhaps the last question was a trick question, in that , if you left in under an hour, like I and many people did, he could ding you because the instructions said "do not leave until 1 hour has passed." :)


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