Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who's infinitely stupider then George W Bush?

OH, a difficult question to answer. Alas, I have found the answer.

Certain TV executives, and I bet the same ones who make $10M a year.

One of my favourite shows was canned - "Dead Like Me" after 2 seasons. Why? OH, the executives viewed a bar graph their secretary or co-op prepared and deduced: Not high enough ratings (at least the most important reason.) Of course, they probably didn't bother to look at the fact their sorry ass Showtime company failed to advertize it much at all.

This has happened in the past with many great games, movies, and other TV shows.

Case in point "Family Guy". Canned after 3 seasons, why? OH, the executives viewed a bar graph their secretary or co-op prepared and deduced: not high enough ratings. Those idiots didn't realize it was mainly because they couldn't decide on a damn time slot for the show over 3 years.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on business executives. On retrospect, no: I'm not being hard enough.

The "business engineering manager" at the Powerhouse I worked at was exactly like that.

Note: the longer your title, the less work you actually do , ie. producer (has to manage and procure all the stuff for the movie to be made) vs executive producer (shows the movie off and promotion, or worse, just likes to see their name on things, like that damned Tarantino.)

He'd analyze bar graphs prepared for him and say "Well, this powerhouse is losing money by running the generator. Let's get rid of it". He'd say to me, "engineering is about numbers." I didn't have the heart (or the wallet) to tell him, but he's dead wrong. You might learn mostly math in engineering, but it's not all about numbers. Numbers mean absolutely positively nothing unless you know what they mean, how the data was collected, etc. A respected engineering manager would make decisions based on raw data but also with understanding the issues surrounding it. He's been a "business manager" for too long at Ford and whatever dipshit company he worked at in Ukraine, and is no longer and engineer. The same goes for these TV execs, perhaps they onced cared about the programming, but no longer, they are just "business managers". Some people will argue " but making those tough decisions is their job", BULL-SHIT. Make those tough Correct decisions is their job. To do your job correctly, you need to be able to see farther than 5 feet ahead of you in most cases.

IF you performed a more accurate cost analysis of the powerhouse system, as I did (even though it was far from perfect, but more in depth than previous analysis), by understanding the energy transformations and such going on, and related issues (ie generator correcting power factor and voltage dip problems, etc.), he'd see that the generator wasn't losing nearly that much money, and could easily make money again next year if the price between gas and electricity differed by only a relatively small amount.

Here's an idea: How about these companies pay me $100,000 / yr to make these decisions, and not $10 M a year like these execs get. Hell, I can blindly interpret graphs and make decisions like that. "OH, draw a line. Any show below this line is canned". It simple statistics. We all know how reliable those are. Someone should tell these execs: seems they are missing out.


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