Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Will they ever stop being such pussies?

Oh, it seems Sony/RIAA/Warner Bros is at it again: sueing random people they managed to match an IP address to a home phone # for "violating copyrights" of their sucky ass music.

Come on music companies. At least pick on someone your own size; like perhaps people who illegally re-print cd's en mass and sell them to the black market.

Picking on 50 year old mom's who don't know a computer from a toaster, and 10 year olds who barely know better, is like a 400 pound oversized grade 8 bully picking on a 5 year old kindergartner - we all know that just ain't right.

DIE SONY/FOX/RIAA DIE! (It's my New Year's Wish)

(Sony for tons of copyright bullshit, we all know about the RIAA, and Fox executives for being utter and complete dumbasses).

Another Fox executive "bright" decision: Nicole and Paris are contractually obligated to do a 4th season of their semi-popular show; however, Fox canned it because they would no longer get along.

WAKE UP FOX. Tons of cat fights in the show will bring in a huge male audience. I'd even watch it if they mud wrestled every episode!

I'm convinced Fox executives are enuch's; that is, males without any male parts :)


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