Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beatles, Love!

This new CD / 5.1 DVD Audio CD Dani bought on Boxing Day is amazing. It has all the Beatles hits, but the producer went through all the old material to make an entirely new mix (for instance, compare the original "Get Back" to the new "Get Back", IMO, the new "Get Back" is a much more interesting mix).

In fact, this album was actually intended originally for a Cirque De Soleil ala Beatles theme.

The reason I love the album so much:

1) it's the Beatles, the greatest rock band ever (well, the Stones also claim this :) )
2) the mixes are more upbeat
3) each song blends into the next, so the album is one continuous song (like Dark Side of the Moon.)

I'd love to see such a compilation with other of my favourite bands ( Stones, OLP, Weezer, etc).


Here's a pic of Keith Richards (right) in Pirates of the Carribean 3. I don't know who the bald dude is in the middle.

So that's what you look like at 60 something, living as a Pirate on a diet of RUM. ;)


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