Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dragon Quest IX: for PS3.. errr... Wii... err... DS?

Yep , the new Dragon Quest is coming for the DS.

Everyone thought for a long time that Square (now Square Enix) was mainly a Sony publishing company, but no more.

Square goes for the system in the world selling the most right now.

Which is what? The Nintendo DS.

Let's see.. a $140 handheld (DS/DS Lite), with better gameplay and games, slaughters a $300 handheld (PSP)that has better graphics and multimedia capability.

Will the same prove true for consoles?

Certainly in this generation, Nintendo and Microsoft will gain most of Sony's marketshare.

Their $700 system (PS3) boasts worse graphics and games than the $400 XBOX360. Nintendo's $250 System revolutionizes gameplay, although cannot produce HD graphics like 360/PS3.

If you ask me, from the looks of it now, regardless of Sony fanboyism, Sony is doomed (in terms of holding their % market share of the gaming market) this time around, even though they had the majority for PS1/PS2 generation.

I'm glad. I hate Sony for their blatant disregard for consumer rights and for what consumers want. I hope they burn in hell :)


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