Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary for President

Not surprisingly, Hillary is running for president.

Can she win? Some stats say that 1/3 of the American public won't even consider to vote for her. However, I have no idea how they made this statistic, although I can see it being true. However, it's perhaps not fair, because 1/3 of the Americans won't vote for a democrat, let alone a woman democrat (i.e. the reason Bush won.. twice.. my god.)

I think the US needs a woman president.

In fact, Canada could probably use a female PM. To me, every time I see Harper on the news, I think "idiot". I understand that some of his policies might not be representative of what he himself thinks, but rather the Conservative Party (as Chef says, they can suck on my balls).

All I see on the news about Harper is how he shot down some of the Liberals ideas (ie. on energy and environmental issues, drug issues); now that the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, he steals their ideas, presents it as his own. Basically, the Conservatives are wasting Canadians, including myself, time. It's clear to me they don't have any good ideas of their own.

I don't like Harper's ideas on drugs: put drug addicts in jail, for longer. Way to go, dumbass. Now that crack is cheaper than weed in Windsor, we'll have 10% of the city in jail. Great. :)

To me, the Liberals ideas of essentially making drugs like weed legal, and supporting programs for people to get over the harder drugs, is a much better use of money than throwing these people in jail. Who cares if Bush doesn't see it this way? We're not the US, we're Canada, Mr. Harper.

For example, Harper and the Conservatives tax restructuring is useless. 1% less GST, 0.5% more income tax (only for the poor folks, though, thanks Harper). So, essentially, no net change whatsoever, but I bet took millions of dollars to change. Way to go Harper, you dumbass.

Either get rid of the GST completely, or leave it alone. 14% is much harder for me to calculate in my head than 15% :)

Sorry Harper, we don't want a Bush-like Canada (ie. Harper and the Conservatives think more along the lines of Republicans.. oil, oil, tough on drugs, screw the little people). Get the fuck out of office, please.

I've heard a rumor Bush wants Canada to increase Alberta's oil output X5... haven't been able to verify that though. Makes some sense, I suppose. ;)

Here's hoping the next federal election in Canada doesn't see the Conservatives winning.

After all, it was a Conservative, the infamous Malrouny, that introduced the damn GST in the first place, then had a big shindig with his CEO buddies to rub it in ;)


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