Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Profs you end up respecting the most

In the end, the profs you hated most during your undergrad career are the ones you look back on and like the most post-graduation. Dr. Miller and Dr. Ahmadi, for instance.

Ahamdi knows his stuff, and challenges you to really understand the material and think at the same time. That's why most students don't like him: to be honest, they don't want to think about the material, or barely think at all. It can be very boring sometimes, I guess ;)

Dr. Miller strikes you as the "zany old crazy" professor stereotyped in many TV shows and movies. Sure, he spends 80% of the class time in 1st year Electric circuits talking about detailed digital signal processing applications for "HI FI" audio, crazy applications for standard stuff , electrocution stories, and barely teaches the course at all. But hey! He knows his stuff, and his stories are remembered. :)


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