Thursday, October 13, 2005

Should a Christian Play Dungeons and Dragons?

Note: admittedly, a small rant follows. Ain't that what blogs are about though, eh?

I really hate to post about stupidity again.. but this is too "good". Found this by accident looking for the movie, Dungeons and Dragons 2. Hope to God it's not as awful as the first, but then again, it's a made-for-TV movie.. ugh. You know, Merlin(1998) was great when I was yonger (a made for TV movie about 5-10 years back). I tried watching it again recently though and kinda cringed. Guess that means my tastes have changed a bit. Perhaps this could be explained by the nostolgia concept: we seem to see the past with rosy glasses, so to speak.

Should a Christian Play
Dungeons & Dragons?

Read for a good laugh.

My god . People still think like this. The same 50% of brainwashed Christians who voted for Bush must have wrote this dribble! AHHHH! My brain truly hurts.

This "D&D is the spawn of Satan" Prolifited propogranda is the likes of why beaurcrats (oh, I understand what beaurocratic means now), are generally hated. A bureaucrat is a politician (usually) who WANTS his MISSION to come true, irregardless of if it is totally wrong, based on information he/she knows are a lie, mainly all for personal gain . Take for instance, in the 1930's (see the history channel special, "Illegal Drugs and how they Got that Way: Marijuana") . After booze was banned for many years (smart move that was I'm sure), the idiotic bureaucrats had to tackle something else, that is in fact even less harmful the booze. The idiots "banned" WEED in the 1930's in the US for their own personal politics against Mexicans "invading" the US. Why does Canada want to legalize pot? Because contrary to some popular belief, weed has been used for mellenia as a herbal medicine, and was perfectly legal up until the 1930's when this proopgranda began, and still exists today. Canada doesn't want to keep weed illegal, because we realize the whole basis for marijuana being illegal is based on American Propoganda lies from the 1930's.

This is why
history is so entertaining to read (I should watch more history channel for stuff like this!): it's fun to see how idiotic people were, and how many still are!

Don't get me wrong:
Pot is "bad", like alcohol is "bad", and should be controlled for minors using it. However, the ads I still see on TV are almost as bad as Reefer Madness propoganda movies of the 30's (watch Reefer Madness (1936) or the recent remake with Neve Cambell, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005), for an idea just how bad it was back then.) These ads come up with stuff like "oh, Weed will make you insane, etc" which is totally bogus. Why not tell the truth? Like alcohol, you can become "dependent" on weed, and it can "dull" your life. Just like sex education, teaching people the truth (oh , these same "groups" still have problems with sex education) is much more valuable than making shit up (ie. all sex is bad. EVIL.)

So, in the end, the average Canadian realizes this ( I hope) and why the issue keeps on being pushed. I say GO Canada! Let's be more free-minded (I hate the term
liberal or democrat or conservative or republic.. those are just BS words) like Europe and less closed minded than the US. Only pissing off the US too much is a bad thing,gotta do it in the right amounts ;)

Anyhoo, back to "D&D is evil" thing. That author of this article notes the "excellent'
work of Wendell Amstutz, Steve Lansing, Ph.D., and Richard Noe for their excellent work on D&D in their masterful book, EXPOSING AND CONFRONTING SATAN AND ASSOCIATES . I see that the book, is thankfully out of print and only limited in availability.

I know you can get your PHD in utter nonsense, but a PHD in "D&D is evil" . COME ON NOW. You know, I haven't read the book , but I guarantee what this guys involvement (Steve Lansing) was. He's got a PHD in phychiatry, and spewed this twisted Christian crap as real psychiatry. Someone should inform "Dr" Lansing, that the basis of all medical and scientific fields is to leave religion out of it. Christianity and religion in general is good, but when the Bible, a game of moral stories and phone tag is taken literally, bad things happen. Look at those damn suicide bombers. In general, beuracrats and propoganda seem to be almost always bad, I think :)

End Rant


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