Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gimme Shelter

Just finished watching the 60's music documentary- "Gimme Shelter".

3 months after Woodstock, in '69, another grand gathering of 60's rock was planned in San Fransico

Some bad planning on part of the organizers and sponsors occurred however, in addition to a truly unruly crowd:
- The Hell's Angel's as security (clearly high on LSD and extremely drunken).
- 2 of the sponser's bailing out only hours before. This ensures 300,000+ hippies quickly become 300,000+ angry hippies as they have to move from one location to another over the course of 3 days to see the show.
- Letting a group of people who were clearly mobbish and wildly spaced out before the show start, stay there.
- No tall platform (the performer's are maybe 5 ft from front row, with only maybe a 4' platform high).
- It's cleary a few of the members wanted to get the hell out after the first 4 violent outbreaks... can't blame 'em.
- I seriously think they (The Stones and the other performers/crew) didn't just bail because they were afraid of a mass riot...

Wow, I bet they weren't intending all this shit to happen when they said "hey, why don't we make a documentary of this event?"

All in all, I think it was great luck only 1 person died...


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