Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Next year's half time show?

This year they had the Rolling Stones, last year Paul McCartney, I wonder who they will have next year?

I think they should go a long the same lines- an older classic band(though perhaps not as old as the Stones) that all ages can enjoy.

Aerosmith perhaps? I know they are still touring this year.

Heh. I've had numerous people over the past few days tell me "oh the Stones suck, they are too old". I'll agree that they are old, and a bit past their prime (they would have been awesome in concert in the 60's-80's), but to uniformely say they suck shows absolutely no good taste in music whatsoever. One person I was talking to even said Justin Timberlake was better for the half time show....... I think Mick Jagger has more talent in his toe than Justin does altogether.. oh wait, I forgot, he has power of the waldrobe malfuction.


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