Thursday, February 09, 2006

Region DVD coding is retarded

One of my profs said this was a great idea that they implemented region coding on DVD; no one seemed to challenge him on it, so I brought it to his attention that is was useless bullshit. He didn't seem to have an answer.

I thought this region crap was just burned on Commercial DVD's and used on stand-alone DVD players; nope, it's on DVD burners too.

I noticed this while troubleshooting my DVD burner (an LG).

Guess I'll have to get a firmware hack to remove this crap. Best to buy DVD players made in China (like my previous 2 stand alone players). They don't believe in this region encoding bullshit :)

On that note, Sony has been successfully sued ( I hope even more in the future, perhaps a class action suite) over their DRM-spyware-virus crap.


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