Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just how well does Dani know me?


Dani mentioned to me about this card some customer at work gave to her and tried to sell her on it.

It claimed these "magic pills", if placed in your gas tank, gives you 18-22% better mileage.

Somehow I doubted this claim (as using a premium fuel does not normally provide that high of a benefit, even), as I suspect Dani did as well; anyway, she caught me on trying to give a "history lesson" , and then said I would probaby blog on it. The thing is, she said this just before I thought of it. Heh. :)

Oh, and an interesting useless tidbit I learned in class today: women have twice the vision resolution as men do, on average. The professor thought this is because women were (are) the primary care-givers more often then not, and would need it in raising the children :)

Makes sense, when you think of it. I think in general women have better attention to detail then men.


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