Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is recent history bound to repeat itself already?

I've been following the BBC news a bit (via the convienient dynamic bookmarks of Firefox); the whole Nuclear situation with Iran seems to be paralleling what happened in Iraq only a few years ago..

The UN, mainly the US section, is opposing Iran having any Nuclear research program. This is unfair . Sure, Nuclear research can lead to making bombs, but it also can lead to cleaner energy production, which developing countries like Iran, China ,etc desperately need (they burn oil/coal even more than we in North America do.)

I understand that the US would wish that Iran not develop nuclear weapons, but they don't have to right to tell them "no nuclear research". That's like 100 years ago saying "no combustion research" because combustion research can lead to making better bombs. I think oftentimes the US politicans forget they are the only country to ever use an Atomic weapon, twice mind you.

I'm just afraid the US is going to call the "Iran has weapons of mass destruction, etc etc" and protrude in there for more oil interests like they did in Iraq (after all, Bush and his entire cabinet and friends are Oil Tycoons.) This would lead to more possible terrorist retaliation.

ON the Canada front.. it seems the newly elected Tories are starting to stir the pot already.

They want to can the Liberals idea for child care; wait a second, Canada needs better child care support, as we have a declining population, we need to convince people to have more kids, not less. If the liberal plan wasn't good enough, improve it, don't just can the entire idea.
I just don't want Harper to be a Bush yes man, which I think he is in danger of being.

I wonder if Bush could get kicked out like the Liberals did in Canada? I'm not the familiar with US politics, but it seems like a good idea. The US needs non-oil tycoons (whether Republican or Democrat) in power, I think.


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