Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rolling Stones in Windsor this fall?

Read this rumour in the Windsor Star on Saturday, originating from a music news reporter in Regina , Saskatchewan, who is helping plan a Stones concert there in October. The Windsor Star contacted the mayor and he didn't know anything, hrmmn!

Well, wanting to know if anyone else seemed to substantiate the rumour, I checked with The Rolling Stones fanclub. Lo and behold, Windsor (spelled Windson, on their website, errr!) was up there in the rumoured dates section. I emailed the webmaster with the correct spelling of my beloved hometown, and also wanted to know if he knew the source of the rumour. The response I got:


Thanks for informing me of the error; simple typo, fixed now.
They (Rolling Stones /Mike Cohl) are currently booking the fall tour, that's the origin.
Nothing confirmed, but at least 50% or more chance it will happen.

Bjornulf Vik - It's Only Rock'n Roll - email: iorr@arena.no
IORR Rolling Stones fan club web site: http://www.iorr.org

mattlawson@cogeco.ca skrev:
> Windson, ON should be Windsor, ON. I'd know, since that's where I'm from.
> I read the rumour in the local paper this past Saturday. Do you guys know where
the rumour originated? I just saw the
> Stones in Chicago back in January, it would be awesome to see them in my home
town ;)
> Thanks,
> Matt Lawson

Original Article:
"The Rolling Stones may play a concert at Regina's Taylor Field on the Thanksgiving weekend, a report says. "It seems almost a certainty," writer Gerry Krochak reported in the Regina Leader-Post on the weekend. Krochak, a musical columnist for the Leader-Post, said there have been persistent rumours about a show that may be set for Oct. 7 or 8.

He said unnamed organizers from Regina and band officials "are working very hard to make this happen." If the show is confirmed, there will be an official announcement in July, Krochak said. The band is preparing for a European summer tour. Citing multiple sources, Krochak said there would then be three or four dates in Canada.

Other possible sites that have been touted include Vancouver, Halifax and Windsor, Ont. Krochak said that although Regina is a small city and the stadium wil be packed if 45,000 fans turned up, the Stones concert held a hugely successful concert in another smaller city — Moncton, N.B. — in September 2005.

The group has never played in Saskatchewan and a Regina concert would draw fans from Alberta, Manitoba and the northern United States.

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Well, if they do play here, where the hell would they play? It would likely have to be a large outdoor event to hold around 40,000 people or so.


At 3:51 p.m., Blogger James said...

I heard this rumour over the weekend as well (it was on the news). They gave a couple options as to what the venue could be. One was the University stadium. They figured you could get close to 30,000 people into it if you use the infield and the track as well as the seats. I have some doubts about that number since there are only 2,000 seats. I don't see 28,000 people fitting into the infield and track.

I can't seem to remember what the other possible venue was, though. It was a little more unorthodox but I remember that it made some sense. Damn non-functioning brain!


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