Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Casino Royale

My thoughts on the new James Bond:

David Craig plays the best "rough around the edges, suave, ruthless killer" Bond yet.

Then again, I've only seen Roger Moore, Connery, and Brosnan as bond. Brosnan wasn't bad as the suave / charming but somewhat ruthless Bond. Roger Moore is good, but it's hard to take him more seriously as an Assassin when the other work I know him from is the old creepy, but funny gay guy in "Boat Trip".

I liked this Bond film: it's how Bond became Bond, how he got his trademarks (Shaken, not stirred, Bond, James Bond"). This film was fast paced, and relied mostly on standard but exciting stunts, fights, and chases, as opposed to the recent over-the-top Gadgets and Cars of the Brosnan films. I bet the subsequent films will have more gadgets as Q is re-introduced.


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