Saturday, November 18, 2006


So, in the past few months especially, I've been considering teaching.

For as long as I can remember, I've considered teaching as a career option (though at one time it was University level teaching.) My fellow students seemed to think I was naturally suited to it.
University teaching is out the window now: as much as I've kinda gotten used to the whole research thing now, another 4-5 years of reading horribly written papers will literally drive me insane (PHD). I'd prefer to keep my sanity.

You know, though, I've been tutoring again the past few weeks, and I really enjoy it. There's a direct payoff in teaching/tutoring: when despite all the distractions, you know you got through to the kids, because they've mastered the subject better.

Of course, I have to consider the +'s and -'s of teaching vs engineering:

45K (to start)-75K (over 10 yrs) vs estimated 60K-100K (engineering).

Summers off. Big plus: I can do what I want (2 1/2 months off). Teach summer school or another job if I need more money, paint, work on some fun EE projects (always wanted to program some of those robots.)

Good working hours: 8:00-3:00 ain't bad (although, especially in the first few years of teaching, there's a lot of "homework" preparing lessons and stuff past that.)

No one's my boss. Well, the principal is your boss, but not as much in a direct way.

Great benefits. Teachers pretty much have the best benefit plans out there.

More time for my kids (when I have them.. some day. No rush.)

Well, at this point, I've applied, and it's a definite option.


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