Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Politics .... again :)

I can't help being a little political. I see US politics as very important; ie. if Bush (or his damn brother), or better yet, the Republicans, win, AGAIN, after all their oil gouging and ill-favored war decisions, I'd be afraid to visit the US :) The "terrorist" factor gets stronger the longer a Bush stays president.

I was watching the Colbert Report today. The guy he was interviewing had a book about "How the Democrats can win without the South". He cites all of US history, as it was the southern states that were last to join the union, bitterly held on to the practices of slavery, racism, etc etc.

That, in reality, is the major problem with the US, when you think of it: it's half and half split (almost). A good chunk of the country are Bible thumpin', Bush and Republican lovin', people. Then another chunk are the more liberal kind, with some people in between.

However, this guys strategy that the democrats focus their campaign only on the States they know they can win (ie screw most of the Bible thumpin' states), seems a bit misguided. Sure, it might help guarantee success to get in the office, but what then? You at least have to appease the opposite side a bit, else it'll be one hell of a job.

It seems to me Hillary would make a great president. Why? You know she'll do at least, if not better job, than Clinton (as she was probably running the show anyway :) ) . The US needs some change in politics; so does Canada.

When Bush gets the boot, so should Harper.

To me, these seem to be the overall agendas of various political parties
In Canada,
Liberals- more accepting societal views (i.e. gay marriage), more focus on education, healthcare, stable economy. We kicked them out for having some corrupt members, but I'd bet good money all the parties do, they just didn't get caught.
Conservatives- expand the economy, screw the little people in the process (ie. Harper, Malrouny, etc etc).
Perhaps Canada "needed" a hardass for a few terms, who knows (to push the economy more). However, we certainly don't need it for that long.
NDP=a more liberal liberal ;)
The Block (I won't get started about these guys.. :)
... etc

at least we have some choices in Canada.

Republicans- expand the economy, keep economy going with war(s), oil, war on drugs, keep people afraid.
Democrats- not sure about these guys, but the US gov't seems to make better decisions when they are in charge (i.e. Clinton vs Bush). Definitely more liberal than the Republicans.

With all of these different parties, what about a "Logical Party"?


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