Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The world needs a new Lennon

Heh.. today, Cheney was in audible distance of a suicide bombing... I wonder how he lives with himself knowing he had a big part in making the problem.

That's Karma for ya, Cheney... next time you might not luck out so much, and might be in the middle of the blast (this is what Karma tells us is likely to happen). If I were him, I'd stay clear of the whole region, else I'd really would feel I'm "pushing my luck".

I watched "The US VS John Lennon" yesterday; good movie. If Lennon were alive today, he'd probably be boggled out of his mind "Why are the exact same mistakes made in the 60's/70's being made again today?". The Bush administration needs to review their history, I think. To think... Vietnam just ended in the 70's... it's only 30 years later, and here the Western world is, making the exact same mistake (just it's Terrorism now, it was Communism then). I know history repeats itself, but come on, it's only about 30 years!

This shouldn't be a surprise: the average North American only has a 10 minute memory, anyway (damn TV).

Anyway, the Nixon administration had this normal joe put to jail for 9 1/2 years for possession of 2 joints (........ murderers hardly get 9 1/2 years, great justice system there.. :) )

Lennon sang a song, that he wrote for this normal joe, at a peace rally soon thereafter, saying "Nixon/Supreme Court Judge, you're full of shit, release this guy". The next day the jailed guy was released, as the Supreme Court came to their senses.

Of course Lennon was right; Nixon was full of shit, and resigned for the Watergate scandal not too long after. If the Bush administration had any integrity (which they don't), they would have resigned back in 2003 for their massive farce of Iraq.

Then again, the Republicans learned after Nixon was axed. The key here is, do lots of illegal stuff... just don't get caught! :)


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