Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mr Harper, tsk tsk.

Hrmm.. I just don't have too much hope in Mr Harper and his conservatives. I hate to pick on him; however, lately, he's as easy to pick on as Bush.

Why? Let's see his new plan:

  • Further tax reductions as part of a comprehensive economic agenda;
    - by flip flopping taxes some more, ie, + income tax for everyone, - GST. Way to go, dumbass.

  • Continued steps to tackle crime;
    - His idea is probably getting harder on drugs and throw more druggies in jail. We pay more money to further the "war on drugs" just like the US wants us to fund the "War on Terror". Way to go, dumbass.

  • Further strengthening Canada‚Äôs global image and rebuilding the Canadian Forces;
    - By keeping in line with "Pro Bush"ism's? He's not going to be in power much longer, dumbass
  • - US and Canada politics seem to be "leading" to a withdrawl from IRAQ, and perhaps, Afghanistan. Like it or not, many people, including the Russian PM and other leaders in the Middle East, think the US needs to get the hell out of there, as the only true lasting solution for peace.
    - Now, whether these leaders are saying it because it's true, or whether they want to further their own agendas in terrorism, remains to be seen.
    - Canada is getting a rosy view of Afghanistan. Some believe the situation is much closer to at least a minor civil war than the media makes us believe.
    - All of the money the US (and probably Canada) is giving to Iraq, and likely Afghanistan gov'ts, is 90% going to corruption.
    - This seems to imply we should get the fuck out of these countries and let these idiots manage themselves.

  • Clear, decisive steps to protect our environment.
  • -Like stealing the Liberal's plan for global warming compliance, when everyone started focusing on the problem and you had no plan, because the Conservatives are all about pro-corporation/industry? Dumbass.


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