Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's official

Let's see.. Cheney mentioned in a conference today that military action against Iran (due to their refusal to participate with the UN in nuclear programs) is now considered on the table.

So.. let's see.. Bush and Cheney are out of most influence by 2008 elections (assuming the Democrats win); they decided to invade Iraq even though they had no real proof of "weapons of mass destruction".

Here, they have proof, and this Iran president is a fucking loon, is an Invasion of Iran next, and soon?

"It's easier to say your sorry than to ask permission".

Me thinks that is Bush's current rationale.

Hey, his administration is knee deep in a failed Iraq conquest, why not try to take over Iran? They have more oil than Iraq I bet, anyway. Perhaps if, against all odds, he could succeed in Iran, Bush's ratings would go up, and he could get re-elected; or at least, ensure a Republican gets re-elected.

All he needs to win in Iran is a massive increase in soldiers to Iraq/Iran: just send the whole fucking US and Allied Army to the region and declare major martial law; either shoot or chop of the hands, feet, and nose of any terrorists who attempt to get through the protected borders of the region. Stop fucking around over there, either go big or go home, I say ;)

Why not? FDR got re-elected a 3rd time during WW2; all Bush needs to do is start a reasonable sized war in the Middle East (which I'd say he has already).

Soon for Iran? Well, this move would have to be soon... all that's needed is Mr. Crazy President of Iran to make a bit bolder of a move...

Hopefully, of course, with Bush's low approval ratings, his administration might not be able to get away with all this. Cheney wants to get away with it: he's like the big fat guy who feeds on oil (he is an Oil exec too after all). He wants oil, and more of it, damnit, and Bush listens to Cheney.


At 10:39 a.m., Blogger James said...

Don't poke the bear.

Seriously, that guy from Iran scares me more than Saddam ever did, and even more so than Kim-Jong Il (that may be the fault of Team America though).


At 11:33 a.m., Blogger Medieval said...

You are worwess Awic Bawdwin!


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