Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So I've decided....

After giving it a week or so of thought, I've decided to pursue a master's degree in EE right after finishing this degree up. Dani was very supportive of the decision, even if it is detremintal to our plans somewhat.

I told myself when I applied, I'd only do it if I had a free ride +. Last week I was notified that I was approved for the NSERC national graduate scholarship. I guess the decision was partially logical after that. I can pay off my debt, have money to spend, and focus on finishing the master's degree as quickly as can be. In fact, it says right on the NSERC application that they'd like you to speed it up ;)

The professor who suggested I applied, and helped me with a topic for sample research to put on the NSERC application, told me:

If you find a great job in the last few months of your undergrad, that's great, you can still put NSERC on your resume. Else going to grad school is a great option.

One advantage as I see it of having to make this decision now is that I have a few months to figure out what interests me, and what I'd like to work on, approach professors regarding sample research, etc.


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