Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane in New Orleans

A very unfortunate event. A long internet friend of mine who lives in the flooded region had to flee with his family a week ago (he does every few years when there is a hurricane in the area.)
I'm glad he did.

It's unfortunate also that experts knew this event was an inevitability. The 540 km of levies in the region will hold out most storms (as the New Orleans region is below sea level), but experts had agreed they needed to be improved to hold up to subsequent hurricanes. :/

I imagine improving 540 km of levies would be a massive undertaking, however.

What makes things worse however, are the Terrorist groups that make the whole Middle-east / Islam look bad. A lot of great people over there I'm sure, but it's the bad apples that make the bunch look bad, so to speak. These exteremist groups claim the hurricane is a victory for the "Jihaad". Idiots. The weather doesn't do anything for anyone -- it just is.

An interesting side note, as to not sound racist or anything, there is nothing wrong with the Islamic faith. Members of the religion I am a member of (Catholicism) have historically done worse things, like during the Crusades, or burning 5 million women at the stake over 300 years ("witches" they called them, even midwives and herbologists.) No wonder why there are no women priests.

It is interesting to note that giving major storm's a name is almost seeming symbolic of mother nature having a personality, striking wrath out on certian areas or something. Maybe that's where those high wired suicidal shriekers got it from . Dunno.

A picture of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:


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