Friday, November 11, 2005

Female Orgasm Machine

It Really Works!

This news is a few years old, and I remember reading about it briefly then. I recently watched a Discovery channel special on the surgeon who invented this device.

Ofcourse, it makes perfect sense that this device is possible, but might not work equally well for all people. The reason it might not work very well is that, as has been researched and is being researched further, women's sexual response is much more complex than males. Heh, aren't women normally more complex then men, this should be no surprise. Infact, in the Discovery channel special, some women could orgasm through thought alone.

Any kind of human response to stimulation is simple a set of electrical signals sent through the nervous system, which shoots to the brain, and the brain correlates these signals as pain/pleasure/whatever. Hence, it's theoretically possible to stimulate those nerves with electrical signals, instead of physical contact making the nerves respond. The only problem, then, is finding the right nerve locations.

Heh. I imagine sexually frustrated couple's problems could easily be solved giving each of the partners one of the device remotes to use on each other. In fact, "cybersex" could be taken to the extreme by attaching one of these devices to your computer via USB, and "sexually" communicating with a partner overseas.

In the end though, ain't things better face to face? Not just sex mind, you, but conversation, etc. Can't forget about it in a world of constant technological change.


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