Sunday, January 22, 2006

DRM=Digital Rights Management or = Digital Rape, Man

I download a lot of stuff; I buy a lot of stuff. Honestly, if I didn't download as much, I wouldn't, for example, have as large of a DVD collection.

Why is DRM abtusely, insanely, retarded? Here's some examples...
  • Google DRM requires that you use Google's Windows-only player to watch the movies you buy, and the player has to be online to phone home to Google to report that you're about to watch your movie.
  • Apple's video locks you into Apple's players like iTunes, which restrict your playback to five "authorized" computers, and prevent you from taking screenshots.
  • Microsoft's DRM contains innumerable restrictions, like the ability of rights-holders to flag their movies to prevent you from fast-forwarding through dull scenes, objectionable scenes, or commercials
WHAT? You can't FAST FORWARD THROUGH THE MOVIE? EH? That's the biggest pile of BS I've heard yet; what will these DRM morons think of next? Bill Gates should be stabbed in the face for letting a product through the door like that.

Anyway, that's besides the point... DRM is the biggest pile of bullshit ever invented. The unfortunate thing is that all the big electronics and software companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

Thankfully, they forget that destroying DRM is much easier than making DRM.

How is this "digital rights",when the consumer is getting raped badly. I understand these fat, rich, greedy corporate bigots feel the need make even more money; in the end, however, they will lose money, and average folk like me will laugh. If this type of corporate bigotry was applied to other products, everyone would be outraged. Would you buy a toaster if you could only ever plug it into one outlet, then it would never work again in any other outlet? I wouldn't. I don't think any sane person would if they saw that on the front of the box.

I certainly won't be upgrading to the new Windows operating system (with it's fancy 3d rendered Windows) until it is cracked and the DRM Microsoft wants to put in is removed. Really, I thought MS was a little better than that; I didn't think they'd suck the RIAA's and MPAA's collective cocks so quickly. Guess I was too optimistic.


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