Monday, August 07, 2006

Another reason why I shouldn't any news

Reading comments discussing the recent Chinese govnernment slaughter of 50,000 household dog pets beause 3 people died of rabies:

"Next thing you know, they're gonna kill all the hookers to stop the spreading of aids. But then again its no different than killing Iraqis and Afganis to stop the spreading of Islam. "

Now, I've talked to quite a few Chinese people, and their philosophy regarding life is much different then the average westernern (perhaps because our majority religion is Christianity while theirs is Buddhism, but I'm sure that's only one of the reasons), but this strikes me as an incident not indicative of the people's intent but of a malicious government's intent.

Anyways, the above statement is one the most pessimistic thing I've read in a while -- however, it has some semblance of truth. Although I'm not sure if retaliating against majority Islam nations is a way to stop Islamic extremist terrorist organizations from not becoming pissed off ;)


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