Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wow, Tom Cruise really does have all his screws very,very loose

Watched this clip on YouTube just now. It's not the interview where he claims psychiatry and Brooke shields are full of shit with Matt Lauer, but actually defends his position.

"Mental illnesses caused by brain chemical imbalances do not exist , psychiatry is all about zapping people with electricity , ritalin is a street drug, Matt, YOU don't understand the history of psychiatry, YOU need to read the research papers..." and he goes on and on and on. ;)

Ritalin helps a lot of people, as do other anti-depressants. Like any other drugs, they can be over-prescribed, but does that mean they should be banned all together? Sure, zapping people with electro-therapy shouldn't be overused, but Tom should read some medical literature (oh, I'm sorry, although he claims to have read some medical research, I bet he only reads Scientology pamplets), that electrotherapy has been the only source of help for many people with certain nervous and mental illnesses (as in one case where electrotherapy stopped the continous siezures a child was having, misdiagnosed as somethign else.)

I think Scientology should be banned, or atleast forced to change it's name. Having a cult with "Science" in the name is a bad thing. Science is based on research and hard work. Scientology, like many other cults, is based on crazy people's delusions. I still find it hilarious that the founder of Scientology has said he was just making it all up. :)

I feel bad for Matt, having to interview this guy, AGAIN :)


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