Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quebec politics: tired of it

I'm tired of the damn whiney bitchy Quebec provincial "GIMME GIMME" attitude about everything.

I don't understand why Canada should favour Quebec so damn much anyway; I understand that the British were quite a brutal at times towards the French speaking people in the region when Canada was still developing as a Country, but come on. That's hardly the climate in Canada now.

I had this impression that Steven Harper and the PC party was less of a suck ass towards Quebec as the previous Chretien led Liberal party. Apparently he's a Quebec as well as Bush suck ass. Great.

Now, I've never been to Quebec (though I was near it in Ottawa and Petawawa ;) ), but from others I've heard of the complete hypocrisy of their Province: huge French signs where there is no or small English signs, etc etc.

77% of Canadians outside of Quebec thought "Quebec as a Nation idea" was utter and complete bullshit.

Either play by the same rules as every other province, or make your own damn lousy French country. Sorry, Quebec, but it seems the rest of the Country feels the same way. I can't blame myself or 77% of the rest of Canadians for feeling this way: not too long ago, the province almost voted for Separation. Shit or get off the damn pot, I say.


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