Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Setting things on fire with your fingers, the grounding device, and more!

Electronic Man - This guy manages to light paper, matches and cigarettes all with the use of his finger via electric charge.

Note: I wouldn't recommend this. You know how on the back of CRT TV's it says "danger, electrical hazard"? It says that for a reason.

The CRT's have huge capacitors on them in order to operate. Well, when you remove power from a TV, especially on old TV's, this capacitor maintains its stored charge (for days, perhaps). If you hold your hands across the terminals of this capacitor inside the TV, it could potentially release (depending on home much charge was stored) enough current to kill you instantly (i.e brain nerve damage). Capacitors can dump tons of electric charge very quickly (that's how flash on cameras work!).

Well, this guy ignored that fact, or at least that is what it appears to me. He's building up a big charge (just like you get on a dry, winter day in your office chair, and when you stand up.. zap...grr...) on his body, and releasing it via his fingers :)

Anyway, I got sick of getting shocked everytime I got up from my chair.

Solution? I tied a piece of wire from my chair to the ground, and to the metal part of my desk. So far, much less or no severe shocks (i.e the shocks I was getting were very audible). :)


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