Wednesday, November 28, 2007


That was a heavy conversation.

Regarding my "situation" at work, Aerotek got back to me today and said there may be a waiver form that my supervisor could sign, and then called me back telling me I could no longer be employed through Aerotek, but that I should talk to Carlos in the morning about seeing them hire me on there.

That left me with hope but a bit of an uneasy feeling.

The recruiter then called me back about 20 minutes later; he's always been very friendly.

Anyways, he's like, man to man, this is no big deal. He informs me that I should know it normally only stays in your system 7-30 days, and that there is a product down the street in the pharmacy that will ensure you pass 100%. Good information to know.

I obviously thank him for being so helpful (as I was afraid Aerotek would take this the wrong way, so I tried to be as nice as possible.)

He then tells me I handled the situation in a very smart manner, by going to them and to my supervisor first. He goes on to mention what I should say, basically, "I really appreciate the opportunity to work here... would like to become a member of the team... I won't let you down... would have no problem taking a re-test". If he asks me how the problem occurred , I'll tell him that I used it on my honeymoon, as it was a present from my sister - which certainly is not a lie ;)

Also, he mentioned that Aerotek would ensure the job transition would go over carefree and smoothly.

Everything is going okay so far, I'm hoping it will go well tomorrow.


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