Friday, November 23, 2007

The US and drug screening

Ahhh... the absurdity of it all. When I went to my doctor/psychiatrist, and explained the situation, he's like "bloody stupid ass Americans" (yep, that's the way he said it.. heh.)

Anyway, back in early November, Aerotek (the recruitment company) informed me that they forgot to give me the drug screen.

The US is stupid about pot.. so I'm not going to say I use it. I tried the "flush method" that got me past the first part of the test, but apparently in the more detailed laboratory review, it spotted good ol' THC, and I got a call from the doctor (who was a uber bitch.. but hey, if I spent 8-10 years of school to become a doctor, and then tested piss all day, I'd be a bitch too.) The second hand smoke, haven't used it since my honeymoon in August "excuses" didn't work (she said it didn't matter, only a prescription.)

Hold on here.. so I fail the test if I smoked a joint 2 months ago (I did my reading after the test, unfortunately.. apparently THC metabolizes in your fat, and can stay around a very long time.) However, I could have snorted crack, popped some E, injected some heroin less than a week ago, but that's okay, and wouldn't show up on the test.

Logical system to me.;)

Anyway, although Aerotek has a 0 tolerance policy, after speaking with different individuals, I believe Link just has to have a clean screen on file for insurance purposes. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I asked my doc for advice (well, I had a slim hope that he might give me that perscription for MJ that would get me through the loophole.)

His opinion was what I was already thinking: if they like you, they'll keep you on. If they don't , it wasn't meant to be. I've spearheaded numerous projects so far, and my boss already wants to hire me on as a full employee. So I think I'm okay. In fact, I'm going to inform him before Aerotek gets a chance.


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