Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh, sure, Blog's now replaced by Facebook

Yep... that's the fact folks. No one uses their blog's anymore. It's all about facebookin'.

Which I don't mind.. I like facebook :) I still don't check it enough, as my soon-to-be-wife Dani reminds me :)

Anyway, I'm still struggling to finish my Master's... but I've learned that I can't get down about things that are seemingly out of my control.

I sent my supervisor an email the other night, with a copy of the paper for the American Control Conference attached.. I also reminded him of the dates I'd be gone for my wedding / Honeymoon.

He said.. to my amazement .. "1 week isn't long enough for wedding/honeymoon". Gosh, for a guy so against everything I do, this was a pleasant surprise.

Too good to be true: later on during the Controls exam which we were proctoring, he said to me " I was going to say something else about your wedding, but I decided not to because you'd hate me for the rest of your life".

Good job buddy. Maybe I would have had to just sock you one this time :)

I don't know how Ali did it: a total of 7 years (2 master's/5 phd) under said supervision. I'll give it to him, he must have the patience of a saint.


At 6:50 p.m., Blogger James said...

Heh, I was just checking my feed reader and thought to myself "Holy crap, someone actually posted to their blog!"

And you know it would have felt good to slug the guy, just admit it :)


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