Thursday, May 05, 2005

What legal jargon really means.... and back to the Simpsons!

A followup to the fly in the bottle I posted a few days ago:

The Windsor Star reports that Culligan water is appealling the "fly suit", which is no surprise really.

Some excerpts:

■ "Culligan feels that it cannot be held liable for the "exceptional frailty of certain individuals".

Which means:

■ This loser should get a life, learn other ways to make money other than being a lowlife scammer, he's lucky we don't counter sue his stupid ass."

Apparently the judge feels that this fly guy should also have "pre-judgemenet interest" and should get another $160,000. Apparently judges smoke crack too.

Speaking of crack, it reminds me of the Simpsons. Let me explain. My fiancee's mother believes that her 11 year old son can watch the Simpsons, but not Family Guy (as Family Guy has too much adult humour and such.) Well, I would have agreed with her somewhat previously, but after last weeks episode, I'm not sure. On this episode, Krusty the Clown clearly smokes a very illicit substance (cocaine or crack I believe.)

However, Krusty is promoting not taking drugs by telling the children a variation of "Don't start taking drugs, else eventually, you'll get like me and only be effected by the hard stuff."

I don't have a problem with this, it just struck me as a little ironic that people think the Simpsons is wholesome, but as of late, it has not been. However, these past few episodes of the Simpsons have been great! I was laughing my ass off, which has happened infrequency the past few seasons. Perhaps the Simpsons will make it to season 20 or more ;)

Oh, and more legal jargon:

■ Culligan claims the the judge "failed to apply particular principles",

which means

■ The judge is an idiot and has lost his mind. Perpahs he's going senile.


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