Saturday, April 23, 2005

And so I thought Canada's legal system was legit...

I always thought that it was the States that was sue crazy, with totally absurd and inane settlements and a total farcard of a legal system.

Well, I was wrong. Canada's legal system is apparently just as susceptible to idiocy and a total waste of taxpayer's money.

This guy found a fly in his water bottle in Windsor. He was awarded $340,000 for "damages." He couldn't sleep for 2 years. Nightmares because of the fly. Oh, the horror! Idiot.

You know, I understand there's no such thing as "common sense", and the legal system has to follow laws and systems and bullshit, but come on ;) The guys a liar. I bet his "hairstyling" business was going under, and this was his way to scam money from EVERYONE ELSE.

What should have happened, is that he should have taken it back to the store, and I'm sure the grocery store would have given him a replacement. Perhaps if he wrote to the company, they would have given him a gift certificate or something and an apology letter to appeal his "feelings" and "damages". Shit happens fuck tard.

If he went to the courts, the judge should have thrown him in jail for a few weeks for wasting the courts time, or perhaps a suitable fine. Perhaps kick him back to his own damn country, or if he's originally from Canada, ship him out anyway (extracize the word? :)) . Instead, he gets $340K? Hrmm.



At 6:32 p.m., Blogger James said...

I heard about this at work this morning, though sometimes these people get what's coming to them.

Remember about a month back when a Wendy's in the States served a bowl of chili with a finger in it to this woman. Well, it turns out the woman faked the whole thing, and now she's in jail. My question is how did it take this long to figure out she was faking it. There's only one of two ways a finger gets in chili, either from a person at the Wendy's or from the plant where the chili is packaged and made (and it's not hard to figure out if someone's missing a finger, just line em up and count the fingers).

At 8:16 p.m., Blogger Zutroy said...

Which is exactly what they did.

At 10:21 p.m., Blogger Medieval said...

Good. :)

I read in the paper today they have 30 days to appeal the case, and I hope they win the appeal.

I hope that guy really can't sleep for 10 more years after he realizes he's wasted 2 to 3 years of his life trying to make up bullshit.

At 9:22 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to be a defender of the legal system... Okay, yeah, I will be...

In order for a judge to believe this guy, he would have to have actual medical proof of his "damages". You can't just say "Oh no! I'm so damaged!".

Yes, maybe he's a moron. Maybe most normal people would go "ewww gross" and throw the bottle away. But, it's the risk you take if you're going to serve flies in your water, or mouses in your bags of milk, or severed fingers in your chili. If you aren't careful, you're going to serve it to the wrong person and the person is going to have psychological damages.

It's pretty well known that some people aren't so strong mentally... you probably know lots of people who react much more strongly than others to the same thing.. and stuff like a fly in their water is actually going to have an impact on some people.

The amount of Doctors this guy has probably gone through trying to prove his mental health issues, if he was lying a judge probably would have thrown him out on his ear.

As crazy as it sounds, and as much as most people probably wouldn't react that way, this guy probably just isn't too tough.

At 9:53 a.m., Blogger Medieval said...

Dear Mr/Mrs Anonymous,

I can see what you are saying; however, I must counterpoint on this case.

As my post was somewhat sarcastic, I'll try to be a bit more serious.

I have no problem with the guy getting some compensation for his "mental anguish" , even though I think it's bullshit. So does the psychologist for the water bottler. See, in a capatilist society, the only moral is the almighty dollar. It's likely this guy convinced his phychologists to report the way they did to the judge. He could be a very good actor, or a briber. Just like the chilli finger women; it's stupid people like her, who , instead of getting a job, like to leech of the system by making shit up.

Secondly, the "punishment should fit the crime". In this case, the reward should fit what actually happened only: he found a fly in his bottle (I'm assuming here he didn't lie about that.)

Putting a monetary value on being disgusted is a bit difficult. That's why a normal person would not take it to court. Even if he is "weak", perhaps a $1000 settlement would be fine? A weeks's pay? Even that seems overly generous.

Ofcourse, that would hardly cover his legal fees, but it's his own fault for being such a whiney bitch. That's a major problem with society now a days: The blame game.

$340,000 though? I guess that's only if you bought his story about 3 years of mental anguish. That judge must be very, very gullible. Judge's are people too, they can make inane decisions :)


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