Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can a radio a radio station / transmitter easily be over-powered? Does it really take 60 seconds to tap a phone line?

Ah, questions I asked myself after watching a few movies over the past few days. Seems something that has come up a few times in movies; Normally there is a basis in reality for these ideas.

1) Using over-powered transmitters is against the law , for good reason. However, when I brought up an article regarding this on google, it came up with information that the US military does this in Iraq to block communication. Heh. SPAM all the frequencies that the equipment the enemies use for commication, and the tide of battle will swing your way . Your enemy will be unable to communicate over long distances (whether it's for the equipment to send a signal to fire from remote equipment, commanders messages, radar, etc.) US military fights Iraq with spam, that's awesome. At least spam is useful for something. I guess this is why the FCC and their foreign equivalents are elite government sub-organizations.

2) I couldn't find an answer on the why it takes 60 seconds to tap a phone line (if it even does). Phone switching was once done manually by switching operators; I suppose it could have been difficult to pull up the information that quickly. Now a days even the phone # information would be hard to dig up amongst the embedded communication stuff, I'm guessing.

Ah well, another set of useless things to ponder.


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