Sunday, November 13, 2005

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! The talent may be slipping...

Regarding those with "talent' that let it go to their heads, and the fans, coworkers, and public that let them get that way by purchasing said items.

Case in point: George Lucas. Episodes IV-VI were great: why? Probably because people working with him were there to keep him level, tell him certain ideas sucked, keep him on track to telling a story.

What happens when he becomes uber famous? Ah, yes, he gets total artistic control and his latest movies are mostly sub-par (though I thought EP 3 was somewhat redeeming).

Well, to my point, is I hope George RR Martin's " A Song of Fire and Ice" fantasy trilogy isn't heading the way of Robert Jordan's, " A Wheel of Time".

IN a wheel of time, by the time you get to the 7th or 8th book , there is an 800 page novel where nothing significant happens. There is no plot, 0. This obviously is bad. I, and a lot of other big fans of the series, stopped reading. This was probably because his editors were afraid to tell him his was becoming long winded and refused to correct the problem. Over the course of a few books in the series, it took a nose dive until the state reached in the 8th book.

Martin's series is better than Wheel of Time. However, from reviews I've read of book 4, it's much slower.

Martin posted 4 months ago to all fans that the 4th book was divided into 2 parts, 1 to be published within the next year, because there were too many character developments going on, and he wanted to get this book published. I guess the only way to know if this is the truth is to see if the next book is significantly better in terms of wrapping things up.

Ah well, I'll still read it. I'll give the author one break. Even writing geniuses have their slip ups I'm sure.

Oh, and I figured how I can read the 3 1000 page books again: listen to them on audiobook with my mp3 player walking back/forth to school each day. ;)


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