Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rolling Stones in the Windy City

A great show overall!

Even though ancient as far as musicians go, the Stones still "got it". They rocked the house. I was especially pleased that "Paint it Black" was part of the set list, and sounded better than the 60's recorded track (it's my favourite Stones song so I'm probably a bit biased). They had a stage that moved to the center of the arena, and then back to the original spot. The lighting, ensemble, and pacing were just right.

Anyway, a bit of "adventure" took place getting between the motel and the United Center in the "Windy City".

  • It really is the Windy city. At night, driving on a ramp that is 30' above other the highway, with a narrow path and small barriers can be with little bit daunting when the winds are a blowing.
  • Inane overuse of tolled roads. Pay 30 cents, drive 2 miles, pay 10 cents, drive 1 miles, pay 50 cents, drive 4 miles, etc...
  • Moreoever, the layouts of the highways near Chicago makes the Detroit area look organized (perhaps I'm just used to Canadian highways, but ours seem to laid out much better.)
  • If you accidentally drive into the "exact change only lane", and then find you don't have exact change, get out of the car, talk to a teller, and give him $1 loonie, he will say "you ain't be getting $1 US, 'mon". Saying "just 50 cents (to cover the toll) would be great (a good deal for him)", results in him cleverly giving you 2 nickels instead of 2 quarters . I might be a dumbass true, but that guy was just a complete asshole.
  • Missing 1 exit can lead to much confusion at night. However, the gas station you will probably land up in, if you are low in gas, is a "ghetto". You walk inside the convienience shop area, and there is a movie-stereotypical skinny indian guy behind bullet proof glass. Inside the store, seemingly just hanging out and chatting, are 8 fairly large "trouble-maker" looking, young black males.
  • When you ask for directions how to get back on the highway from the Indian clerk, he will tell you to ask the black guys.
  • They were non-stereotypically polite. I used "how's things going guys? How do I get back on I-90E?". A clever alternative would have been "Waaaaaaaaaazzzzzzup!".
All in all, a great time!


At 4:09 p.m., Blogger James said...

I still say you should have called them "homeslice". I love that word.

At 5:30 p.m., Blogger Medieval said...

I can just imagine the look I would get using "homeslice" ;)


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