Friday, September 08, 2006

Our new place; and I'm tired of being nice all the time! :)


Well, me and Dani are mostly moved in to our new appartment, the "Prince of Wales" appartment building on Ouellette near Tecumseh Rd. It's a little rustic, but for the price, I can't complain.

It's not overly huge, but has lots of big windows, good breeze, very comfy, we got to paint it to our own fitting. The colors before were horrid, the chick who lived there before had quite eclectic, to say it nicest, tastes: blue and purple ceilings, multi striped colored bedrooms, ugly grey for the living room/hallways, etc. Another plus is the great water pressure: taking showers is a pleasure since there's uber water pressure. There's also lots of big closets for storage.

I think I'll end up getting along better with my parents now that I don't live with them. :) It's nice to not have to fight for the bathroom too.


Well, two groups of people I'm pissed at:

My sister, although nice sometimes, is a spoiled brat more often than not. Let's see, she's gotten:
  • when she moved out because she was spoiled, all rent/utilities paid for her by my grandparents and dad.
  • Books paid for her schooling
  • $7 K for the Neon when she crashed it.
  • The list goes on and on and on...
There's nothing inherently wrong with the above actions; however, I never received equal treatment. I hope when I have kids someday I'd be more equal. It's always been "well Jenny was never good in school, feel bad for her, give her stuff". How can you do well in school when you never went, and never tried? :)

Well, the range unit I left downstairs (fridge/stove elements/sink) I discussed with her and my dad that she would buy it off of me. This is because 1) she'll be the one using it and 2) she can afford it a lot more than my parents. My mom could then buy it off of her when she moves out.
We agreed to this, and then this morning I hear from my mom that she wants my dad to pay for it instead. Well, her being uber spoiled ain't going to happen with my shit anymore, I'm tired of letting everything slide. She pays for it, or it gets sold in the paper. Dani was right, as always, she'd pull something like this. I try to approach situations as the nice guy, and it just backfires on me.

The other group is the uppity bitches at the fitness center next door. Yes, I understand the lot is for parking for clients only; however, they are the ones that put up additional cement blocks such that it's near impossible to get out of the back lot behind the appartment; plus it takes away a few of the spaces. The only place to park when I was moving with the Uhaul last Wednesday was in this back lot; we would have been there perhaps 20 minutes in total. Right away she came out and gave me and Dani's dad (who was helping me at the time) this real snobby attitude and told us to get off the lot. Her dad then goes on to call her a "fucking cunt" as she's walking away, loud enough that I think she heard it. I disagree; she was being a bit of a bitch, but not a cunt. Ahh, working on the line at the big 3 for 30 years definately gives you a trucker mouth, that's for sure.

Today I had the same problem: I just had to run into the appartment, the back lot behind the appartment was full (well, there'd be more space if they didn't put those damn cement blocks up.) So when I get back to my car, a fitness worker pulls out of her car and gives me this awful, snobby look and says "YOU know, this PARKING lot is for customers only. OHHHH, and if NEXT time you EVER park here again, try to AT LEAST park straight". That was the final straw. I told her "I think you forgot to take your PMS bitch pills this morning, lady". The look on her face was priceless. For the love of god, I was at perhaps a 5-10 degree offset, and was between both yellow lines. I doubt this bitch had ever seen real crooked parking before.

I'm tired of being the nice guy and letting everything slide off my shoulders; sometimes, you gotta stand up for yourself and send some flak back as well. I'm no Jesus; I can't always turn the other cheek.


At 11:06 a.m., Blogger James said...

You know, in the first year that I lived in my building I decided I wanted some coffee before class one day, so I took the car over to tim hortons and brought back some coffee, parked the car, and since I already had my bag with me I went straight to school.

Well, someone else who lives in the building was getting into their car and saw that happen, and she comes up to me all snarky and says "excuse me, you can't park here, this lot is for people who live in the building". I could excuse her for making the mistake of assuming I was just some university kid stealing a spot, but the attitude she gave me pissed me off, so I told her nicely that "I do live in the building, and that's my apartment right there. I live right next to Ted (the landlord)."

Her response: "Oh."

Then she walks away, no apology or anything. That's okay though, I like putting people like that in their place every once in a while.


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