Friday, October 13, 2006

Aerosmith: rockin' concert, but I left a bit dissappointed

The performance of Aerosmith was top notch, don't get me wrong. There was even a very well setup A/V, a huge screen projected behind the band, so even those in the nosebleed could see the concert well.

My problem was: not enough of their hits, and not enough songs in total (which may be related). They played a total of 13 songs, only I think only like 6 of which were big hits or songs that I recognized (I also listened to their first 5 albums, which contain a majority of their hits, over the past few days). I also thought there were too many, too long guitar solos (though I bet some people really dig that.) The Stones are older than Aerosmith, and they played 21 songs at their concert. The Stones played some of their new stuff, sure, but they still played most of their bigger hits. Ah well ;)


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