Monday, March 12, 2007

Do you know where Concordia University is?

Well, during a discussion with my supervisor , he mentioned he was going to Concordia the rest of the week to attend a phd defense.

I asked him where that was... simple question, right, simple answer, I thought? I asked and he just kind of grumbled. Later, before I left his office, I asked him again out of curiosity and he said, "What are you, stupid ?".. pause (no he didn't say pause, though I bet the people who do the local A Channel news would read pause aloud) ..."It's in Montreal. Ask your Dad, I'm sure he'll know ".

At this point, I realized trying to get my supervisor to look over my results would be fruitless.

Well, I'm sorry, Jesus Christ, I didn't know where some stupid University in Quebec was. I don't even know them all in Ontario!

So, to test to see if my supervisor is really full of shit, I asked my fellow lab guys , "where's Concordia U?" - only 2 of 5 had any clue; only 1 answered correctly.

My supervisor picks bad students, aparently; 80 % of them are stupid.

Anyways, I asked my dad, and he had the answer on the tip of his tongue: he recognized the name from local sports competitions (Lancers) . My dad didn't know, thank god, else I'd really be in trouble. :)

Earlier my supervisor said " I don't know what I can do.. it's not like I can beat you". You know, I'm twice the weight of my supervisor, I bet... but I wouldn't want to try to fight him. Something tells me he knows Kung Fu or something. I know he was a champion ping pong player in China.

Earlier in the day I went to speak with him; he was busy talking to another of the guys in the lab, and he had this extremely disgruntled look on his face.

I thought to myself, as I think to myself now: this guy needs to smoke a joint, in a real bad way. I told the guys in the lab "I think he needs to relax I bit"... I'm sure they know what I meant :)


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