Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ahhh... gotta improve my basic presentation skills!

Well, I didn't do to bad for my "practice" proposal type (1st) seminar.
I've worked on it quite a bit over the past few weeks (well, I came up with some good ideas right at the end there, so the 2nd half of the slides were a bit rushed, but still had lots of figures ) , and basically had to give the presentation on the fly.

Well, I asked for his critique afterward:
+ My supervisor thinks I know what I'm talking about now. Oh, so I'm not full of shit now, great. :)
+ He liked my use of many relevant figures
- He didn't like that I used so much damn text (easy to fix)
- Needed to concentrate more on the end proposed block diagram solution (that's a good point. Came up with some of the ideas too late to make a good diagram, though. Definately needs to be made, though).

Watched Lost last night, couldn't believe that Locke is a gigantic pot head. Well, ofcourse, that's not what actually is implied (well, he does that wierd drug induced hallucination in the tent thingie, but I'm not sure he does that on a frequent basis). Locke was thinking "gotta have all these guns to stop the people from stealing my weed!" is what he wanted to say to the police officer, I think. :)


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