Friday, November 10, 2006

You can't fail a proposal seminar, can you? I missed the point again, big surprise.

Well, today was an interesting day. Morning tutoring the grade 6's was interesting. Need some more cash, and I enjoy the job (probably more than I would another part time job, certainly.)

Anyway, had my presentation all prepared, changed it how I thought my supervisor wanted it (it seems I misunderstood him..).

You know, I think my supervisor is a pretty good prof, and a good supervisor.. but a lot of times.. he's simply an asshole (kinda like the Dennis Leary song.)

Case in point:
a week and a half ago, the members of my committee discussed a date (via email, and then later in person.)

One of my committee members (Dr. Kar) didn't show up, so I went to find him. My supervisor (Dr X Chen) seemed suprised one of them was late. Not sure why, everyone in my department (including him) is late all the time. He apologized for forgetting, I said it was no biggie. When we get in the room, my supervisor blames ME since Dr. Kar forgot.

Now I'm responsible for other people's failed memories (hey, I have a hard enough time remembering my own stuff.)

And then after my presentation, of which my supervisor apparently didn't understand the last 5-6 slides (as they were the most important, showing my contribution and ideas to the area.) He then said I didn't, and that the presentation was a fail.


Then I drew some more block diagrams on the board.. still not buying it.

Well, so Dr. Kar said "good presentation, just send us a brief report/slides highlighting your contribution, using more of the words I". Thanks, Dr. Kar, at least someone can put things in a nice manner, instead of being an asshole like my supervisor.

Then afterwards, I get like an hour long spiel from my supervisor. How he was embarrassed (yeah, I should have told him, like I wasn't? Thankfully I don't really get embarrassed easily.)
How he can't figure me out, yadda yadda. How he's a logic person, he doesn't think I'm stupid (well , thanks, gee).

Should have told him: sorry bud, logic doesn't work for everything in the world. We live in a world of the completley illogical. I know it's his job to be a "good supervisor", being difficult and all, but come on.

I think it's also a fault of the mismanaged department: other departments, such as Mechanical engineering, have a course where you attend other people's seminars, learn about what needs to be presented, etc. Nothing of the such in our department. We're left by what our supervisor tells us and our best judgement.

Now that I think of it, had I not got my scholarship renewed, I would have got the hell out of that place this September.. ah well, could be worse. :)

It just sucks. I've actually worked really hard in the past few months to get the ideas well formulated, some good results for illustration, and he blows it all off.

Ah well, that's life.


At 4:22 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

This must be different in each department. It sounds like they place much more of an 'evaluation' feel on the proposals in your department.

We get evaluated too, but it's more of a "here's where your ideas need improvement" or "you forgot to look at this aspect of the research" type of thing, not a "you fail" mentality.

It sounds to me like its as much about the supervisor's personality as anything else. Maybe this is just his way of pushing you.

At 5:27 p.m., Blogger Medieval said...

Yeah, it's his personality. At the same time that I understand it's his way of pushing me, it still can be a bit disheartening after a while.

Well, gotta look on the bright side, he at least told me my presentation skills are excellent.

And he's not nearly as bad as my boss I had at the Ford Powerhouse.. I won't even get started about that guy.. :)


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